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Jill Schiefelbein

What’s often cited as the number one fear in the United States, even over death, is one of the things that I relish the most.

My name is Jill Schiefelbein, and I am passionate about public speaking.
After seven years of teaching public speaking and business communication to students at Arizona State University and Chandler-Gilbert Community College, and doing speech consulting for Phoenix-area executives, I thought it was time to take my lessons, and put them into practice outside of the traditional classroom.

From the time I did my first formal presentation (I was nine, it was at a 4-H club, and the topic was How to Draw a Mouse, which my mom will remind me about to this day) I knew that communication would be a passion in my life. Since then, I’ve spoken to groups of all ages, in audience sizes of one to 5,000. And I love every minute of it.
Impromptu Guru is my way of enabling and empowering others to become better speakers. Whether you are terrified of speaking in public, or you are an experienced speaker, we can all use tips, tricks, and practice. And I am here to help you in that endeavor.

Impromptu Guru
 Impromptu Guru
Twitter @impromptuguru

Jill’s work with publishers Magna here and here and Higher Ed Hero here
You can see Jill’s The Human Touch presentation from May, 2012 here.

Todd Conaway

Todd is an instructional designer with Yavapai College in Arizona. He taught English for ten years at a private high school and has been an adjunct instructor with Yavapai for 11 years. He loves working with people in groups.

Todd works hard in developing relationships with faculty at the college. He works with four other awesome individuals in the Teaching and eLearning Support group. The team recently won the ITC award  for Outstanding Technical Support and Service. As part of his duties at the college Todd maintains the TeLS Webletter. He has been involved with Lisa Lane’s wonderful Program for Online Teaching as a mentor and participated in various forms in the amazingly beautiful ds106. Todd wishes he would write more words here.

You can see a website Todd created for his “Your Digital Personality: the Real You in Your Online Class” presentations here.

Twitter @todd_conaway
G+ Todd Conaway
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