Lecture Capture Options

Lecture capture can mean that you are recording an entire live class or sitting at home and simply capturing your screen as you narrate the content. Either way, what you create can be used in online courses, hybrid courses, or as review content for face to face courses. There are many tools out there ranging in price from free to very expensive. It is not hard to capture an entire semesters class of weekly lectures and place them on YouTube for free. Below are some examples of the tools available that cost money. 


Camtasia Studio can be used at home or in your office to record lectures. It records PowerPoint presentations and it can also capture your computer screen. It is also a decent movie editor and it allows you to add quizzes to your recordings. Camtasia Relay is the larger version designed to capture classroom lectures.


Tegrity and other lecture capture solutions like Echo 360 and MediaSite also allow you to capture whole live classroom sessions. Here is a look at Tegrity and there are numerous examples of how it can be used here.

Echo 360

There are a few leaders in the lecture capture world. Below is a look at Echo 360.


Collaborate (the tool formerly known as Elluminate) is a Blackboard product and does integrate nicely into the newer releases of Blackboard.


MediaSite is another of the top dogs in the lecture capture space. Here is a look at the MediaSite environment and how it works.


Here is the Panopto website. Here are some examples. Here is explaination.

Other Stuff

This is by no means a complete list of the tools. There are others like Adobe Captivate that are great options.

Here is the Educause explanation of Lecture Capture from several years ago.

Best Practices and Tips from UNC Charlotte


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