Amazing Free Tools


Jing allows you to quickly capture your screen for up to five minutes at a time. It allows you to store to recorded content online in a free account from Here is an overview of Jing.


Screenr is Articulates version of a free and easy to use screen capturing tool.


Funny name, but it does work well and it is free. Screencast-O-Matic can be found right here. Here is all of the “how to” videos from their YouTube Channel.


Audacity is a free tool that allows you to create and edit audio clips. The clips can be placed in online classes, added to PowerPoint presentations, or saved on your computer and shared in a variety of ways. Here is a group of tutorials on how to use Audacity. They are decent, but not perfect. There are other resources for learning Audcacity on the Audacity website here.

AudioBoo is a really easy way to create and share audio online. Very Mobile friendly too.


SoundCloud is a free tool that allows you to create and share audio clips. You can also create groups. In the very trendy video below they look at sharing music, but you can use it to share your voice.

The player is very nice too and likes to share. See.

Google+ Hangouts

Google+ hangouts allows you to record the conversation. This has oodles of potential. Here is the wonderful Howard Rheingold in a recorded Hangout.


Using Youtube you can quickly create a “talking head” video or upload more complex videos you have created. The “Quick Capture” feature is amazing and easy to use and you can find directions here. If you want to jump right in, go here. The video below, used in the presentation was done simply by clicking, “record.”


Slideshare allows you to create narrated presentations pretty easily. You’ll need to use another tool like Audacity to create an MP3 audio file. Below is an example I did, not for a class, but for a “Welcome Back” event at the start of the semester. Here is another I am proud of.


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